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We a newspaper publication have intoduced a new scheme for businessmen for getting more benefits to them. By registering under this scheme they become our Privilege Member. For this we issue a Platinum Card to them for Rs 25000+GST @18 % In return they get the benefit of attending free to our forthcoming 2 Business summits and Award Nite, 4 Year subscription to our magazines, and 3 printed books published by us. What is the SAC code for this service that we have to mention in the Tax invoice that we have to send them? Awaiyting your reply,
Posted by Raveendranathan K
Asked on January 23, 2019 11:03 am

In regards to the query raised from your end with reference to the SAC Code of the mentioned service provided by your organisation it falls under GROUP 99891 of Service Accounting Code LIST that is (PUBLISHING ,PRINTING AND REPRODUCTION SERVICES) and the SAC CODE for the same is 998911 (Publishing ,on a fee or contract basis) @18% GST Rate to be noted for the sake of issuing Tax Invoice

Posted by ALKA RAWAT
Answered On January 23, 2019 2:49 pm