In a nutshell the answer is YES. Read on to know why and how part of the answer.

Charteredonline Special Offer for GST Registration at Home Address Only @ 1499/- (1999/-). Fill the Contact us box or call us at 0124-5025375. Offer Valid till Next 48 Hours Only.

If you want to take your home address as your Principal place of business, than you can take this.

For this you have to attached electricity bill in gst registration. If you dont have your name on it, suppose your father or mother name mentioned in it than take NOC in favour of you.

Some asseessees have been asked by the department to show conversion of residential to commercial premise as per notice mentioned hereunder:-


 I have applied for GST on my home address,

but I got a query from Department on registration

1 Business Details – Details of your Business – Others (Please specify) – Earlier you have taken GSTIN – 36AZBPM0285B1ZR and not filed Monthly GST Returns. Therefore your Registration has been cancelled. File pending GST returns as well as Final Returns and furnish the compliance.

2 Principal Place of Business – Document Upload – Others (Please specify) – . Upon verification of ownership proof document it is noticed that, your disclosed business premises is a Residence. Please furnish an acknowledgement copy addressed to G.H.M.C./Municipal/Gram Panchayath Authority to convert the property as commercial property ( see, Hon’ble Supreme court of India Judgment in I.A.No.4 of 2012 in Civil Appeal No. 10535 of 2011). If already converted please furnish relevant documents in support of your contention. This is for the sake of our Government Revenue

In such case, it is better you execute a nominal value of lease agreement with the owner of premise whether your guardian’s or siblings. There is no mandatory condition in GST law that premise to be used for registration shall be of commercial nature only. Moreover after this effluent work from home culture a lot of commercial activities are done from home including many freelancer services.

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