In what appears to be a step under ‘Majboori’ the CBIC has allowed to defer implementation of newly inserted Rule 49A & 88A which restricted the usage of IGST credit in partcicular order.

It’s Circular No. F. No. CBEC-20/16/04/2018 – GST dated 23rd April, 2019 says

“Presently, the common portal supports the order of utilization of input tax credit in accordance with the provisions before implementation of the provisions of the CGST (Amendment) Act i.e. pre-insertion of Section 49A and Section 49B of the CGST Act. Therefore, till the new order of utilization as per newly inserted Rule 88A of the CGST Rules is implemented on the common portal, taxpayers may continue to utilize their input tax credit as per the functionality available on the common portal “

It is high time that CBIC and GSTN bring more cohesiveness and avoid a lot of problem / confusions that assessees face due to non coordination. Amendments should be made only when the Infrastructure is ready to implement that same in the GST portal itself and vice versa. For full circular refer below.

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