On 26th August 2020 the Lt. Governor of National Capital Territory of Delhi, on the recommendations of the Delhi’s G.S.T. Council released a notification for amending the class of persons that will not include those corporate debtors who have furnished the statements and the returns under Section 37 and section 39 of the Delhi Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 respectively.

This amendment was brought for earlier notification of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, in the Department of Finance (Revenue-I) No. 11/2020– State Tax, dated August 20, 2020.

The new notification said, “in the first paragraph, the following proviso shall be inserted, namely: –

“Provided that the said class of persons shall not include those corporate debtors who have furnished the statements under section 37 and the returns under section 39 of the said Act for all the tax periods prior to the appointment of IRP/RP.”

It further said, “for the paragraph 2, with effect from the 21st March 2020, the following paragraph shall be substituted, namely: –

Registration.- The said class of persons shall, with effect from the date of appointment of IRP / RP, be treated as a distinct person of the corporate debtor, and shall be liable to take a new registration (hereinafter referred to as the new registration)in each of the States or Union territories where the corporate debtor was registered earlier, within thirty days of the appointment of the IRP/RP or by 30th June 2020, whichever is later.”

This notification will come into for with effect from May 5, 2020.

With Warm Regards,

CL Bureau.

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