What is Form GSTR-4 (Annual Return)?

GSTR-4 Form is an annual return form available to those taxpayers who have opted for the Composition Scheme of taxation. As per the G.S.T. guidelines the composition scheme taxpayers have to file only one return annually. 

Unto the Financial Year 2018-2019, the GSTR 4 was used to file Quarterly Returns which got succeeded by CMP-08 with effect from 1st April 2019.

What is the Due Date of Filing?

As per the new notification no.59/2020 released by CBIC the due date for filing the annual return for F.Y. 2020-21 has been extended to 31st August 2020.

The due date for filing GSTR CMP-08 for F.Y. 2020-21 for quarters is 18th of the month after the end of the quarter. 

Who should file Form GSTR-4 (Annual Return)?

The Form GSTR-4 can be filed by the composition taxpayers who have made any outward supplies of goods and services in the financial year and also may have received any inward supplies of goods and services. And the form can only be filed when all four quarterly returns are already have been filed by the taxpayer.

How to file Form GSTR-4 (Annual Return) on G.S.T. Portal?

  • Firstly the composition scheme opted taxpayer has to Log in with his username and password on the G.S.T. Portal.
  • Then Click on Services->Returns->Annual Return->Select F.Y. ->Search->GSTR-4->FILE THE RETURN.

What is the Amount of Late Fees and Penalty?

The late fee is charged at Rs. 200 per day if the annual return is not filed within the due date to a maximum amount up to Rs.5000.

Important Points for filing the return –

  • Form GSTR-4 cannot be revised once its filed.
  • Form GSTR-4 can only be filed when the form CMP-08 has been filed for all the individual quarters.
  • Recently only the online filing process has been enabled on the portal and in a while, the Offline Tool for filing the return will be made available.
  • After the successful filing of the return, ARN will be generated for any future reference and will be communicated through SMS and E-mail. 
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