LUCKNOW: Defence minister and Lucknow MP Rajnath Singh on Sunday emphasised the govt’s commitment to advancing skill development and creating employment opportunities for the country’s youth over the past nine years of governance.
He was chief guest on closing day of a job fair organised by National Skills Development Corporation and coordinated by BJP leader

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Neeraj Singh

, which saw approximately 6,300 applicants securing job offers.

Rajnath Singh mentioned Mudra Scheme, which handed Rs 23 lakh crore to youth over last nine years, fostering entrepreneurship and enabling business expansion.
He underscored success of Startup, Stand Up and Mudra schemes, transforming youth innovation into wealth creation. The defence minister gave credit to Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

for fostering an environment encouraging youth to become job creators, turning India into a thriving startup hub.

He said, “Be it rural development or facility expansion, Union govt is working on schemes to create new employment opportunities for youth.”
He highlighted specifically the significant investments in infrastructure development, citing construction of highways, airports, rail routes, and bridges across the nation. “Such modern infrastructure is creating employment opportunities for lakhs,” he said.
Reflecting on the journey of national development, he said, “India is writing a development story that will determine the future.” He urged newly employed youth to work hard and weigh their responsibilities, saying, “Friends, you’ve got employment and a means of earning money; it’s your duty to care for your family.”

Calling for social responsibility, he said, “We expect you to give whatever good you can to society.” He emphasised symbiotic relationship between employee and company success. “Understand that the company is also because of your hard work, so work fully for your company’s profit,” he advised.
Highlighting the importance of continuous learning, he encouraged individuals to cultivate a desire for acquiring new skills and said, “Next time I am here, I wish to see your company participating in this employment fair, providing job openings.”
Deputy chief minister Brijesh Pathak lauded govt’s efforts to provide better residential facilities, transforming Lucknow into a world-class city, aligning with dreams of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “The recent inauguration of the airport, compared favorably to a German airport and unveiling of international-level Gomtinagar railway station were significant achievements,” he said.
Pathak mentioned modernisation of Charbagh railway station, numerous flyovers, and imminent inauguration of a new ring road to reduced travel time considerably.
Acknowledging the defense minister’s role in organising employment fairs, Pathak said thousands of youth had gained employment, contributing to development of UP and the country, adding that Lucknow Municipal Corporation was set to create employ over 10,000 youth.

Vedmani Tiwari

said thousands had gathered for valuable employment opportunities for youth. “This initiative aligns with PM’s vision for a developed India, showcased by India’s global agreements with 13 countries.
The demand for Indian youth in international markets is substantial.
Under PM

Vishwakarma Yojana

, 2.5 lakh individuals, equipped with tool kits worth Rs 15,000, had joined the skill development programme, with access to loans up to Rs 3 lakh.

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