How to get Food License In Delhi (NCR) – A Simplified and Practical Perspective !!

By CA Ankit Gulgulia (Jain)

Recently, it is seen that the advertisement for food registration license have grown surgingly in Delhi / NCR. In order to clear the buzz, we present this article for our readers to understand the simplified procedure on how to get the registration/food license in New Delhi / NCR.
Simple steps to submit Online application for Food Safety License
Please visit the website of Food Safety & Standards Authority of India at to file On-line application for Food Safety License. Click “Food Licensing and Registration System” (FLRS) and take the following simple steps to submit the application:

You may also visit:

1. Click the tool “Check your eligibility” on the web page of FLRS to know whether you are eligible for Central License or State License or Registration. Refer pointer 1.
2. If you are eligible for State License, check the list of documents to be uploaded from the website of FSSAI and store in electronic mode before proceeding to fill online application. If you wish to seek the complete document checklist, one can refer to pointer 2 in the image below.C:\Users\NEW\Desktop\fssai\IMAGES\2014-04-03_161329.png
3. Sign up in “Self-Care-Portal” on top right of the web page and create your User ID and Password. Refer pointer 3 in the image above.
4. Sign in with your User ID and Password Refer pointer 4 in the image above.
5. Click “Apply for License/Registration” in the link License/ Registration and select the state as Delhi and proceed after clicking the Kind of Business. Refer pointer 5 in the image above.
6. Click on the action “Click to apply” on right hand side of the page.
7. Click on Form “B” and fill up and take print out of each page by pressing “Ctrl+P” before taking the step – “Save and Next”.
8. Sign the hard copy of Form “B”, scan and upload.
9. Scan other documents and upload.
10. SBI Challan will be generated.
11. Take out print.
12. Deposit challan with required license fee printed on the challan in any branch of State Bank of India.
“W.e.f. 1st April 2014 FSSAI will only be accepting payments through credit cards / debit card or Net Banking for Central Licensing through FLRS & for Import Clearance through FICS only”.
Note :-
Food Safety License is  to be obtained mandatorily by anyone involved in any exsiting or upcoming food business. This is a mega opportunity for those restaurateurs who wish to ensure their customers that the food offered by them is safe in all respects and their restaurant fulfils the requirements as specified by “FOOD SAFETY AND AUTHORITY STANDARDS OF INDIA”.
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