The Kerala State GST department has invited applications from traders to avail of the amnesty scheme announced in the state budget 2022. Applications can be submitted online. Businesses can submit options to settle arrears of various taxes like the Kerala Value Added Tax (KVAT), General Sales Tax, Central sales tax, luxury tax, surcharge and Agriculture Income Tax.

As per the scheme announced, there is a 100%  waiver on interest and penalties except for KGST arrears after 2005. In the case of KGST defaulters, the penalty has been waived only for arrears after 2005. A 40% waiver will be given to those who remit the arrears in one go and 30% for those who pay up in installments. The amnesty scheme is also applicable for pending cases.  

Users can get the arrear details on the GST department’s official website. Businesses should take one-time registration from the department website Separate options can be submitted for each year. Traders can submit options if the arrear details on the website are correct. In other cases, options can be submitted after rectifying the errors. The amount can be remitted online after the taxes offices approve the application.

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