Dear Tax Payers,
To enable you to express your issues and problems related to GST System and its services, GSTN is launching a Self Help Portal ( a single platform where tax payer call log tickets for any issues or concerns and for quick resolution.  Thiswill be live from 22 Jan 2018.
The current mail id will NOT be active any more.
The new system is user friendly and the tax payer can articulate and explain the issues faced them in effective manner. This new facility will have the followingadvantages:
·   Enable the raising of tickets by tax payers themselves, providing all required information and reducing to and fro communication between helpdesk and tax payers, helping to reach a faster resolution.
 Enable the tax payer to check the progress of his ticket that raised in the past, with latest status.
Check the resolution comments in case the ticket is closed.
Effective functionality of providing resolution of known errors generally faced along with the links to FAQ (based on the issue that being faced).
Better analysis of data on issues faced by taxpayers and other stakeholders using GST System
Please refer enclosed user manual for logging tickets and also FAQs are embedded in self services portal itself for further assistance.
Please note: GST helpdesk will be discontinued.
Please reach to helpdesk @ (0120-4888999) in case of any queries.

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