The process to log in at the website of the National Pension System (NPS) and check accounts changed on April 1. The Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) system of NPS has implemented an Aadhaar-based login authentication mechanism that will be in addition to the website requiring user ID and personal password. Login would involve a two-factor Aadhaar-based authentication, as per changes sought by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA).

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What is Aadhaar’s two-factor authentication system?

The two-factor Aadhaar authentication system adds additional tests to certify a fingerprint and foil spoofing efforts, making transactions safer.

Advantages of the two-factor authentication feature:

By adding an additional layer of authentication, the two-factor authentication system provides more security to prevent unauthorised access.

Enhanced protection: With the new method, the NPS CRA system’s overall authentication and login infrastructure are fortified, offering improved protection against potential security breaches and unauthorised access.

How to log in to NPS using two- factor authentication

Visit the official NPS website

Click on ‘login with PRAIN/IPIN.’

On the new page that opens, select the ‘PRAIN/IPIN tab’.

Enter your user ID and password.

Complete the Captcha verification to confirm you’re not a robot.

After completing the Captcha, a window will prompt you for aadhaar authentication.

An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number linked with your Aadhaar.

Enter the OTP you received.

Submit the OTP to verify your identity.

Once the OTP is successfully verified, you will be logged in to your NPS account securely.

If a user enters an incorrect password five times in a row, NPS CRA will prevent access to the account and lock it as a security measure. “As a safety measure to prevent unauthorised access, the account will be locked if the user enters an incorrect password for five consecutive attempts. The user will have the option to reset the password by answering the secret question even after the account is locked. In case the user is not able to remember the answer to the secret question and is unsuccessful in resetting the password, the user shall have to submit a request for reissue of I-Pin,” said PFRDA.

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