Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi invited ideas and suggestions for the Union Budget 2020 on MyGov.

He said, “The Union Budget represents the aspirations of 130 crore Indians and lays out the path towards India’s development. I invite you all to share your ideas and suggestions for this year’s Budget on MyGov.”

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi called for a focussed effort from all stakeholders in order to achieve the target  of 5 Trillion Dollar Economy in India.

Prime Minister was interacting with various senior Economists, Private Equity/Venture Capitalists, Business Leaders from  Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, Apparel & FMCG, Analytics, subject experts in the fields of Agriculture, Science & Technology and Finance.

The meeting was held at NITI AAYOG in New Delhi today as part of the pre-budget exercise.

Prime Minister said that he was happy that the two hour open discussion has brought to forefront the experience of people on the ground and those working in their respective fields.

He said that this would enhance the synergy between policy makers and various stakeholders.

Prime Minister said that the idea of 5 Trillion Dollar Economy is not a sudden development and that it is based on a deep understanding of the strengths of the country.

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He said that the strong absorbent capacity of Indian economy shows the strength of basic fundamentals of the Indian economy and its capacity to bounce back.

Prime Minister said that the sectors like Tourism, Urban Development, Infrastructure and Agri based Industry have a great potential to taking forward the economy and for employment generation.

He said that open discussions and brainstorming in such forums lead to a healthy debate and understanding of the issues.

Prime Minister said that this would also foster a positive mood and “can do” spirit in the society.

Stating that India is land with unlimited possibilities he requested all stakeholders to do their bit to bridge the gap between reality and perception.

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He said, “We must all work together and start to think like a nation”

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