On Monday the Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) has announced that it has decided to restore trading hours for various regulated markets in a phased manner from November 9, 2020. 

The RBI on April 7, 2020, had previously amended the trading hours for the markets because of the elevated levels of health risks posed by COVID-19 and in view of the operational dislocations. The RBI said, “With the graded roll-back of the lockdown and easing of restrictions on movement of people and functioning of offices, it has been decided to restore trading hours for regulated markets in a phased manner.”

According to RBI’s new guidelines which are applicable from November 9, 2020, the trading hours have been extended by 90 minutes till 3:30 p.m. for the Commercial paper and Certificates of Deposit, Repo in Corporate Bonds, Government Securities, Foreign Currency/Indian Rupee Trades including Forex Derivatives, Rupee Interest Rate Derivatives, and Call/notice/term money. In the case of ‘market repo in government securities’ the timing from next week will be 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and ‘tri-party repo in government securities’ 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Though, the market will continue to open at 10 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. as per guidelines of RBI issued on April 7, 2020.

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