Looking to buy a car that’s kind to the environment but worried about the upfront cost? If you live in Uttar Pradesh, there’s good news! The state government recently scrapped the registration tax for strong hybrid cars. This move can lead to significant savings for car buyers and is a big step towards promoting eco-friendly transportation.

In this post, we’ll break down what this policy means for car buyers in Uttar Pradesh and how it benefits the environment and auto manufacturers.

Reduced Costs, Greener Future

The removal of the registration tax translates to potential savings of up to ₹3.5 lakh on strong hybrid models like the Maruti Grand Vitara, Toyota Hyryder, Innova Hycross, and Honda City hybrid. This can make these fuel-efficient vehicles much more attractive to environmentally conscious buyers.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s policy aims to incentivize the adoption of strong hybrids, which bridge the gap between traditional gasoline vehicles and electric cars. Strong hybrids offer improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions compared to regular gasoline cars.

Boost for Automakers and the Environment

Car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, and Honda Cars India are expected to see a rise in sales of their strong hybrid models in Uttar Pradesh thanks to this policy. This not only benefits them but also translates to a greener future for the state.

This initiative follows the Uttar Pradesh government’s previous efforts to promote electric vehicles by offering tax and registration fee exemptions. Both policies demonstrate a commitment to making cleaner transportation options more accessible and encouraging a shift towards a more sustainable future.

Considering a Strong Hybrid Car?

If you’re a car buyer in Uttar Pradesh looking for an eco-friendly option, this tax exemption makes strong hybrids a very attractive choice. Do your research, compare models, and visit your local dealership to find the perfect strong hybrid car for your needs and budget.

Uttar Pradesh levies an 8 percent road tax on vehicles priced below Rs 10 lakh and a 10 percent tax on vehicles priced above Rs 10 lakh (ex-showroom). The road tax waiver, however, is not expected to significantly impact the state exchequer due to the currently low sales of hybrid vehicles.

Maruti currently sells the Grand Vitara and Invicto hybrid cars, while Toyota offers the Hyryder and Innova Hycross. Honda has the City hybrid.

Hybrid vehicle sales have been gradually gaining traction due to factors such as the ease of owning hybrid vehicles, which do not require dedicated charging infrastructure like EVs, better mileage compared to petrol cars, and lower acquisition costs.

Last year, the state announced a three-year exemption from tax and registration fees for the purchase of EVs. Additionally, this exemption will be valid for five years for EVs manufactured within the state.

The government has also relaxed the upper maximum expenditure limit on the purchase of vehicles.

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