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As per recent DVAT circular dated 12th July, 2012, it is directed to the trade that the details relating to Central Declaration Forms received against the stock transfer or central sales made on concessional rates, Central Declaration Forms missing and tax deposited on account of missing forms shall be submitted by the dealers quarter wise, online using his login id and password, for all quarters beginning 01.04.2011 onwards.

For this purpose, Form CD-1 annexed with this Notification shall be used. The detailed method of access and use of Form CD-1 is available at the web site of the Department. The last date for filing of information online in Form CD-1 for every quarter shall be the same as the last date for submission of reconciliation return in form DVAT-51 for the quarter.

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It may be noted that financial year 2011-12 onwards, cred it for central declaration forms shall be allowed only on the basis’ of the information received online; and the physical central declaration forms physically received shall be considered only as collateral evidence. In cases where no information is furnished online, it will be presumed that no Central Declaration Forms have been submitted for the entire stock transfer or central sale made on concessional rate of tax and such cases will be assessed accordingly.

Previously, DVAT departement has already directed to report the details of Form C/F for financial year 2009-10 & 2010-11 by 20th July,2012 on online mode. (click here for details)

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Extension of Due Date for Filing DVATReturns

Dated: 11/07/2012

CIRCULAR NO.8 OF 2012-13

Commissioner, VAT, in exercise of the powers conferred by virtue of rule 49A of the DVAT Rules, 2005, has extended the last date of on-line filing of the return for the tax period of first quarter, 2012 and submission of the hard copy of the return for all quarterly return filing dealers with odd TIN, that is TIN ending with 1,3,5,7 and 9, to 11/08/2012 and 14/08/2012 respectively.

However, the tax due for the above mentioned tax period shall be deposited as per the provisions of Section 3(4) of the DVAT Act, 2004. Penalty on late deposit of tax due shall be imposed as applicable.

|The above information has been compiled by CA.Ankit Gulgulia. He is practicing Chartered        Accountant in New Delhi specializing in Indirect Taxes (Delhi/NCR) , Corporate Laws & Management Consultancy. He can be reached at or +91-9811653975.   
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