6 Biggest Myths of Employers

Being an Employer is not Easy, yes its a Well Known Fact. Amidst its Difficulties it becomes a neccessity to ponder upon the various myths and habits that might make the task even more problematic.Employees make your business but they surely(if not managed well) can do vice versa too.
This mentality — “we’re small so everyone needs to give 110 percent!” — is very common. The problem is that small businessowners have far more to gain (and a lot more at stake). When profits go up, their paychecks go up.That’s rarely the case for their employees.

6 Myths that Most Small Business Employers are Gripped off

1.We are a FAMILY (Note FAMILY is in bold , Don’t Impose)

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“We’re so small, we’re all like family.” That sounds like a super idea — until you realize that most families have a crazy uncle locked up in the basement. 

You may think that by treating your employees “like family” they will want to pitch in and work to their deaths because it’s for the “family.” Your employees don’t want to be treated like family. They want paychecks and bonuses and clear boundary lines. Not midnight phone calls, mandatory attendance at parties, and invitations to dinner. 

2.Long Term Employee

When times get tough, you may have to let an employee go. This is, without a doubt, one of the most painful and difficult things you’ll ever do. To make it less painful, owners tend to favor loyal long-term employees rather than looking at which team members are most valuable to the business. Keep the best employees, not the ones with the longest tenure

3.No Law Applicability

It’s true that there are a lot of laws that don’t kick in until you reach 50 employees. But there are plenty that kick in with 12 and even more that kick in with your first hire. Plenty of small businesses have been completely destroyed by a lawsuit when an employer thought the law didn’t apply because the company was too small or because the owner assumed employees would never “betray” the company by suing. Know the law and follow it.Hire a Consultant to Identify which specific labor laws become applicable to you at what employee strenghth level. 

4.Business , Friendship and Family-ship and the vicious Circle

Yes, you trust your friends and family, so it makes sense to hire them, right? Well, only if they are the right people for the job. Remember, you can fire your brother from the company, but your mother may write you out of her will for it. And your best friend in high school? I’m sure she’s awesome for conversation, but is she really who should be running your marketing plans? Hire based on skill, and you’ll have fewer problems in the long run. 

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5.Waiting and Waiting For Firing Ceremonies

Firing is difficult and terrible for everyone involved. But unless you’ve got a unionized workforce (doubtful) your employees are at-will, which means you can fire them any time you’d like, as long as you don’t do it for illegal reasons (like being pregnant, being disabled, or because of race or gender).

If you have a problem employee, document, warn, and then fire. If you’ve got any concerns, check with your lawyer (yes, you need one), but don’t hang onto a bad employee forever, hoping she’ll get fed up and quit. 

6.The Show must Go On

Yes the Show Must Go On but this statement shall not become a gateway to loosing out on the best talent pool your company has. The Show Must Go On BUT WITH MORE BRIGHTER LIGHTS …..

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