Guidelines for Online Registration of Shops/Commercial Establishments


  1. The Punjab Shops & Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 and Rules framed there under are applicable to all the shops & commercial establishments in the State of Haryana.

  1. Every employer is required to register his/her Shop / Commercial Establishment through on-line Registration system. The Authority to register any shop or commercial establishment shall lie with the Registering Authority/ Labour Inspector of the area concerned.
  2. At the time of Registration, the employer shall fill the prescribed application in ‘Form-F’ & ‘Form-B’ accompanied by the prescribed fee.
  3. ‘Form-B’ is statutory if the establishment employs a number of employees.


  1. For registration of Shops/Commercial Establishments under the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958, the applicant is required to fill up two forms – Form F and Form B.
  2. The applicant shall first fill-up the Form F and after successfull filling up the information under Form F; the applicant shall be directed to fill Form B.
  3. After the process of filling up the forms, the user shall make the appropriate payment as prescribed under the fee schedule (mentioned in the next page of this document) of The Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 depending upon the nature of the business of the Shop / Commercial Establishment.
  4. The employer can take advantage to operate his establishment for 365 days or 24 hours by registering his/her Shop / Commercial Establishment through on-line procedure.
  5. The Haryana Government has already exempted all Shops & Commercial Establishments from Sections 9 & 10 of the PS&CE Act, 1958 which regulates opening and closing hours & close day with conditions to get themselves register through on-line procedure only.
  6. The employer have to follow the provisions of Section 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,14 & 15 of the said Act regarding their employees.
  7. The total number of hours of work of an employee in the establishment shall not exceed ten on any one day.
  8. The spread over inclusive of interval for rest in the establishment shall not exceed twelve hours on any one day.
  9. The total number of hours of overtime work shall not exceed fifty in any one quarter and the person employed for over time shall be paid remuneration at double the rate of normal wages payable to him calculated by the hours.
  10. The management will ensure protection of women from Sexual Harassment at work place in terms of the direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Vishaka & Others Vs. State of Rajasthan vide judgment dated 13-8-1997 (AIR 1997 Supreme Court-3011).
  11. Management will provide adequate Security and proper transport facility to the women workers during the evening/night shifts.
  12. The management shall execute the Security Contract with an appropriately licensed/registered security agency.
  13. The management will conduct an annual self defense workshop for women employees.
  14. The security guards on duty will ensure that the women employees board the transport facility in their presence.
  15. The Security In-charge/Management shall maintain the Boarding Register/Digitally signed computerized record.
  16. The register should clearly mention the Date, Name of the Model & Manufacturer of the Vehicle, Vehicle Registration No, Name of the Driver,Address of the Driver, Phone/Contact No of the Driver, Time of pick-up of the women employees from the Establishment/Destination.
  17. Adequate Security will be provided in the transport facility vehicle.
  18. The Attendance Register of the security guards will be maintained by the management/security incharge.
  19. The driver will carry the photo identity cards clearly bearing the Name of the Driver.
  20. The transport vehicle incharge / security incharge / management will maintain a movement register.
  21. The driver shall wear proper dress and his name should be clearly displayed at his shirt.
  22. The employer of the driver shall ensure that no driver has any criminal record.
  23. The management will ensure that no vehicle has black or tinted glasses.
  24. The emergency calls Nos. should be displayed inside the vehicle.
  25. The drivers will not to leave the dropping point before the employee enters into his/her accommodation.
  26. The driver will not pick-up the women employees firstly & drop out lastly.
  27. Among other conditions as may be specified in this regard by the Labour Department from time to time.

For Documents required, fees and other details, you may refer our next post on this subject.

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