The ministry of corporate affairs is planning to shift nearly five dozen company forms to its updated V3 portal by January, which would in effect migrate all company forms to the new portal.

Overall, 56 forms will be migrated to the new portal next month in two phases. As many as 10 forms will be rolled out on the new portal on January 9, including applications for reservation of name for new company incorporation and change in name of existing company as well as for GST Identification Number.

Another 46 forms would be launched on the new portal by January 23, including those relating to directors, commencement of business and conversion of public company into private company or private company into public company or conversion of Unlimited Liability Company into Limited Liability Company.

The Version 3 or V3 portal of the MCA21 portal is an upgraded version with the objective of better service facilities as well as use of data analytics. Apart from Company and LLP Modules, it will also include facilities for e-Adjudication, e-Consultation, eBook, Learning Management and Compliance Management System driven by data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. An MCA Lab is also proposed to be set up as part of MCA21 Version 3 for improving data analytics.

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