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Startup India Showcase is an online discovery platform for the most promising startups of the country. These innovations span across various cutting-edge sectors such as Fintech, EntrepriseTech, Social Impact, HealthTech, EdTech, among others. Ecosystem stakeholders have evaluated, nurtured, and supported these startups. These startups are solving critical problems and have shown exceptional innovation in their respective sectors.

Summary of Content

  1. What is Startup India Showcase Platform?
  2. Why Should You Register?
  3. Platform Features
  4. Benefits for Stakeholders
  5. Application and Selection Process
  6. Details Required for Application Filing

Remember, to be registered with Startupindia Showcase Platform you must be DPIIT Recognised as a pre-condition. Now, coming to the most important question first that what shall be the benefit of registering on showcase for your startup?

Why Should you Register

In my view, it will give three very important augmentation or edge to your dear startup.

  1. First, Revenues Augmentation since Startups registered on GeM have made sales worth over INR 950 crores & have received excellent feedback. GeM has checks and balances that ensure that every startup delivers top-quality products in a timely manner
  2. Second, Credibility Augmentation, Tax exempted startups are evaluated & approved by an Inter-Ministerial Team comprising of representatives from DPIIT, DST, DBT and NRDC. Quality Council of India carries out financial & technical due diligence for all startups registered on GeM

This is now doubt a big plus in Business ecosystem these days, you know it.

 3. Third, Boosting your Competitive Edge, Startup India hosts competitions and grand challenges regularly in collaboration with the ecosystem, and winners emerge after stringent scrutiny by industry veterans, sector experts, academicians, incubators, investors, etc.

Startups who are hand-picked for exposure at international events also undergo rigorous evaluation and have learnings from global ecosystems

Features of Platform

I. Visibility

Each startup has a profile page with detailed pitch about their product, innovation, and USP in forms of Videos and PDF links. This provides unique visibility to them in front of the entire startup ecosystem. The startups act as the flagbearers of good quality of Indian startups.

II. Networking

Startup India Showcase is also an online networking portal which offers various social and digital connect opportunities on the platform. Each startup profile is linked with Social Media Pages, LinkedIn URLs of founders and a direct Connect button which facilitate networking opportunities between users. This enables platform users to connect better and explore further business opportunities.

III. Discovery

Startup India Showcase is an online discovery platform for one of the most credible startups out there in our ecosystem. The platform is powered with various tools from a powerful search to an intuitive filter which will enable seamless discovery of startups for stakeholders.

IV. Star Repository

Startup India Showcase is an all-star repository as the platform contains startups who have already proved their capabilities via different means (winning competitions, selling on GeM etc), they will also be a potential priority choice for government and corporate buyers, facilitating their business growth.

Benefits of the Showcase platform to Stakeholders

I. Investors/Accelerators

Discovery of startups with credible profiles for potential investment and acceleration opportunities. First reference point for new innovations and industry trends across the country

II. Corporates/PSUs

Pipeline of ready innovative solutions for strategic deployment in your business units. Startup products and services for new business opportunities and cost/efficiency improvement. Potential partners for international corporates looking to work with startups in India and expanding the innovation ecosystem across boundaries

III. Government Stakeholders

Discover startups that can improve public-service delivery and solve relevant problems under the ambit of Ministry. Startup Pool that can work with Urban Local Bodies to improve the quality of life of citizens and address local problems in the fields of sanitation, health, waste, water, traffic, taxation, etc. Potential products and services to pilot and procure for incorporating innovation in governance.

IV. Startups

Get visibility and recognition through India’s All-star Startup repository.Discover fellow startups for networking and growth opportunities. Get pilot opportunities from Governments, Corporates, and International organizations. Get fund raising opportunities from relevant investors

Application & Selection Process

I. Application for Startup Showcase

All DPIIT-recognized startups under Startup India are eligible to apply for the Showcase. Startups can apply on the Startup India website by filling a form, uploading their pitch deck, and catalogue.

II. Final Shortlisting and Publishing on the Showcase platform

An Apex Committee has been constituted by DPIIT for the selection of startups for the Startup India showcase platform. This selection is done from the list of applications of startups, recommendations from states, and any other startup that the Apex Committee deems fit for the showcase platform.

Selected startups receive a confirmation email from DPIIT about being featured on the Startup India Showcase to which they need to share a self-declaration of no dues towards any statutory body. Once this declaration is received, the startup’s profile is made live on the website.

104 startups from different sectors such as Food-Tech, Green energy, Defence, Ed-Tech, Health-Tech, etc are currently onboarded on the platform.

Details Required in Application Filing

  • DIPP Number
  • Startup Details – Industry, Sector, State, Contact etc
  • Startup Social Media Links & URL’s
  • Startup Logo & Description
  • Founder & Co-Founder Details
  • Startup Business Details including Pitch in Written & Video Formats
  • Revenue Model, Problem Solving and Unique ness of Products

Indeed, it is not a easy task as very few limited startups are able to get approval from the committee but no doubt it is worth it and capable to take you in different league of players. For more you can refer

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