Friends this is one very Small and Power-pack Article that shall teach you how to focus in tough Situations like being in a Meeting , Tackling Clients or While facing Boring Lectures.

Yes there is a Way that can increase your Efficiency by Upto 29% , thats true !! Its Sounds Fascinating …. Want to Know what is That ??


Yes its Right , Very Basic and yet people are most indifferent with it . Doodle simply means Jotting down keywords in any Discussion ,Scribble little things on a piece of paper. You remember doing this, of course.  Your high school maths teacher or teachers in coaching classes of CA,CS,CWA etc yelled at you and told you to pay attention when you did it.  But, We Suggest that you should do more of it.  People who doodle retain 29 percent more verbal information than non-doodlers.

Doodling advocates defines doodling as: to make spontaneous marks to help yourself think.That’s an awesome definition.

Underlying Theory : While Facing Unappealing Things like LAW / Audit/ISCA etc (Not to All I Mean) the Hormones in the Brain starts subduing that tends to make it less receptive and Ultimately the Focus level tend to reduce . 
By Jotting Keywords , The Shear Thinking pulse it generates in the mind tends to enhance the hormonal release and also the Oxytocin flow in the System. Rendering your mind More Focussed and Receptive to new Learning.

When you need to retain information, it seems that doodling is a great way to get a jump on it. So, get out your paper and pen during your next meeting and see your retention level skyrocket.

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