Many Medium & Small Sized Chartered Accounting firms need to automate their working processes as a solution to a large number of problems relating to practice management which they are facing. The word ‘automation’ does not mean that buying only Software’s will do, but it means that the whole type processes which were previously present in the system must be made simple and modernized.

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The software is beneficial for the practice of CA’s and to comply with the work of their clients, so it is necessary to choose the adequate software from a large variety of products. Many times when firms did not choose carefully, they suffer a lot and also the relationship with their customers are compromised.

How to Start the Automation Process-

First of all the automation starts with the process and not with the product, so down below are some automation processes mentioned which are useful for small-sized CA firms-

  • 1. Outline all the Processes

Start listing down all the processes that the firms should have, then note all the steps and touch points which would be likely to be present to complete the process.

Some Examples of listing of small processes are like:

  • calendar bookings
  • task management
  • client work delivery

With these examples, the firms can also make the larger processes list. The outlining of processes is a team-sport as the persons who actually will run the process must hear first rather than the owner as he would not have proper knowledge about the difficulties that could be faced.

  • 2. Consequence of Processes

Carefully observe the results of the processes which are important than the steps used, as only the final result would matter at last which will decide the efficiency of the firm.

  • 3. Enhance the process

After listing down all the processes, select those process which could be removed or replaced with the use of software, for example, the use of physical paper binding, delivery and signing of financials and tax returns.

  • 4. Fully Utilize the Current Systems-

There could be a possibility that the firms were not using the existing systems to the fullest so identify all the features and start using it properly which could make the processes much more efficient.

  • 5. Try the Software First-

The firms should first take the trial of the software before actually buying it and only after checking it with the existing process that it should improve the efficiency of them.


The firms should observe their systems and processes first then according to the observation it should start the automation process in its organisation structure then if needed make any changes into it as per its requirements.

With Warm Regards,

CL Bureau

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