Authored by CA Tarannum Khatri. 


      1)      FINAL IS NOT PCC/IPCC

Keep that point in your mind that final is not as easy as pcc/ipcc. There is no connection between clearing pcc and clearing final. Because the syllabus is really different. So don’t be over confident that “ pcc clear kar liya waise hi final clear kar lenge.Itna tension kyu le ………..exam ko time hai.”


Be committed to your study otherwise you can’t concentrate on it properly. I want to be CA NOTHING CAN STOP ME TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL. Repeat it daily in your mind. Many difficulties will come but once you are committed to your goal, nothing can stop you.


 I haven’t any experience of coaching so I can’t guide you on that matter. But you must be regular in study. No matter it is with coaching or self study. Self study is difficult bu it’s not impossible. Many students think, “coaching wale fail hote hai to hum kaise pass ho??? Remember that PASS STUDY SE HONGE …..Coaching is only helping way. If you can study your own, that’s cool…you can also pass but with hard work..Students who prefer coaching please get full benefit of classes. Don’t bunk them. And try to repeat what you have learnt in coaching.


You must complete the syllabus at least THREE TIMES. Else it is difficult to memorize all things. I have cleared my first group in second try and I have scored more marks in the subject which I have repeated most that was law. It was 60. I know it is difficult to repeat the big syllabus but we are talking about CA FINAL. I am repeating …….Everything will be easy if you are committed.

5)      PLANNING

This plan is suggestion of my friend- for self study. If you are taking coaching you can change the plan accordingly. If we are calculating days from jan 13 to apr 13 for may 13 exam (Both group).(i have written the article in dec adjust accordingly) It is 120 days .Starting from 1st jan FIRST TIME STUDY: 70 DAYS FIRST REVISION : 30 DAYS SECOND REVISION: 20 DAYS. You can apportion days according to you need to each subject. This plan is for who can study daily 10 to 12 hours. As I was unable to study for long hours, I had appeared for one group. My capacity was 7 to 8 hours.


Very beneficial if each member in group is sincere who really wants to study if you are feeling that you are only doing chit chat in group, study alone. One benefit of group study is that it reduces stress and you feel that DUNIYA MEIN AAP AKELE DUKHI NAHIN HO..Just kidding..You can share idea, notes material with group. You can get knowledge of latest amendments. Don’t join that group in which friends say,”pehli baar mein to pass ho hi nahin sakte..!!!kya jaldi hai!!! 2 or 3 tries …it’s ok!!!!”Leave that group please. Study material /reference book : If you have joined coaching that’s ok.they will provide you notes and suggestion about study material. For self study you have to choose it your own.According to me these books are good.


Module and practice manual are helpful.Pm cover most of the questions of past exams. Actually If you have no time and your reference books cover all the points of chapters. That’s ok.Don’t take tension of pm. RTP: please padhna us me se kuchh na kuchh aa jata hai.which will be helpful in passing subject. Each mark is important. Remember that.


If you love it you can do it. Enjoy book’s company because they are friends which lead to bright future. If you get bored or tensed, Just write your name with prefix ca and then see, you will get extra enthusiasm. I have tried it many times and it works.

9)      FB

This is very important point I know WE ALL LOVE TP ON FB .But it should not at the cost of study (oh! That’s impossible …No, this is possible) How can we end our day without seeing notification??? But ca student has to leave that temptation cool

10)  GF/BF

Big question….What about my gf/bf???I can’t spend my day without talking with him/her. CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS YR…AND talk with him /her clearly that study is first. After that other things. And surely his/her respect for you will increase and when you clear your exam, she/he will be proud of you. I have covered points which comes to my mind .it’s my personal view. So any point is helpful to you, it’s my pleasure.Ca student has courage that’s why he chooses CA career. So friend you are powerful and strong person. Just believe in yourself, keep patience and don’t take tention and just do it. God is with you.

 Thank you for reading.

 CA Tarannum Khatri

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